Know Yourself Assessment & Coaching Session


Product Details:

Learn about your inner core drivers that impact how you operate, and how to successfully self-manage the blind spots that block your potential

  • An online assessment with a customized comprehensive report.
  • Insights to your core emotional drivers to raise your Emotional Intelligence for greater self-management and adaptability.
  • Practices for more influential communication, leadership, decision-making, and relationships.
  • Leverage your ability to manage the blind spots that impact your potential and be more agile with changing demands in work and life.
  • A 90-minute one-to-one coaching session to support and guide you moving forward.
  • Can improve self-confidence, relationships, performance, and retention.
  • LEADERS: Improve your leadership style to be on top of today’s changing workforce. Create more productive healthy teams resulting in retention of top talent and a better bottom line.
  • INDIVIDUALS: Achieve your greatest potential with less stress and easier adaptability for successful life-long self-management.

Note: Discount for groups and practitioners (ask for discount code). If you’re placing this order for someone else, please indicate their name, email, and phone in the Comments of the Order page. US Govt: DUNS: 961904708 CAGE: 79FM6 VENDOR: 11526529