How to Communicate Effortlessly That’s Targeted & Influential (1-day Training)


Product Details:

  • This full-day program is offered onsite, but public classes are held when a date appears here
  • “Your language in their world is noise”
  • Learn how to recognize the core personality drivers and decision-making style of others that influences your ability to communicate much more easily
  • Practice adapting your communication that is easier, and right on target to achieve maximum influence 
  • Speak with fewer words that are more persuasive to tailor your message for easier buy-in with anyone at any level
  • Develop techniques of listening that improves your nonverbal skills
  • Go further to more easily and effectively lead or work on diverse teams using a common language that reduces conflict, lowers stress, and builds a healthier culture
  • This is a highly interactive programs which includes team activities and demonstrations. You will develop skills that are long-term and self-sustaining.  You will improve performance in ways that maximizes professional and personal potential. This program is appropriate for individuals, professionals, leaders, executives, and managers who want a unique, targeted, or competitive edge to improve communication and performance; diffuse conflict, manage change, or discover how to coach and bring out the best in others.
  • This program is essential for:
    a) Managers and executives who want to elevate leadership competence
    b) Employees who want to work more persuasively on teams, projects, or with their supervisor
    c) Technical support people who want to reduce cycle time and raise customer satisfaction
    d) Sales people who want to rapidly target better outcomes with clients and customers
    e) Organizations who want to reduce conflicts, and create a greater healthier organization that is more adaptable to a rapidly changing way of running a business.

The “Know Yourself and How to Manage the Blind Spots…” workshop is a prerequisite for attending this program.

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