“Ken – I would like to express to you how truly valuable your business organization development and coaching has been in my life and for my team. The journey that I have taken over the past year with my company has been one filled with many lessons and learning experiences, many of which I had not anticipated. Your coaching throughout this time was crucial to me getting through the difficult times, making tough choices and moving forward. The new perspectives and awareness that you brought to light has enabled me to push myself beyond what I could have done on my own and opened up a new way to view my world, and manage my business. Your commitment to me and my team’s success has truly been a blessing.”
David Davis, CEO, StarPoint Advantage

“I am pleased to recommend Ken whom I have known for over 10 years in several capacities. Most recently, he was the lead on a large training project for an organization serving the military. Ken went well beyond the call of duty to make sure the design worked, the trainers received appropriate information and the customer was served. Ken is highly professional and is skilled as a leadership and management coach, trainer and a Human Resources professional.”
– Jordan Goldrich, Senior Executive Consultant and Coach; Master Coach/Adjunct FacultyCenter for Creative Leadership; Designer/founder of the leadership academy for the San Diego Community College District. COO of Behavioral Healthcare, and Certified EAP

“Ken was hired by my company to conduct one of his courses for our team. I was having a difficult time on my career path, and very unsatisfied where I worked, and life in general. I knew about his work and reputation, so recommended him. After the first day of his program a giant light bulb went off. Ken got to the heart of the issue, particularly for me, by providing insight on my strengths and weakness. He was able to get the core of what I was going through and provided me with the skills to better manage the situations in my life. Ken’s highly effective teaching style has not only helped me professionally elevate my career, but has also done wonders in my personal life and relationships. That one day changed my life and I am forever grateful.”
Carla Woolever

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for getting me started with professional coaching services. Since I started one year ago with Coach Ken Sergi, the palpable results to both the company and my own professional development have significantly exceeded my expectations. There has been direct financial and strategic value, which has been the driving force to continue the coaching. He is definitely helping me achieve a higher level of competence and performance faster and cheaper than any other type of support or methodology.

The first hour of coaching provided immediate benefit to reframe my approach on a global project. It produced a fruitful engagement with our executives, which was recognized by our European offices who invited me to present the new strategy worldwide.

In the process of elevating my leadership, project management, and strategic planning skills, some of the measurable outcomes have included development of replicable employee performance management processes, and employee retention, which received recognition from other departments and directly saved us significantly more than the cost of his services.

I genuinely feel that my advancement, influence, and overall success and financial results are directly related to Coach Ken, which has also produced performance bonuses for me. His programs and processes are challenging, but actually got me to the level that turned my desire – to become a strategic and influential leader — into a reality, and is continuing to exceed my expectations. He definitely has a tremendous range of knowledge, tools, skills and experience. I believe that everyone should have a business coach like Ken Sergi and I strongly recommend participation in his coaching, training programs and consulting services for everyone.”
– Alfredo Iglesias, Director, Services & Technical Training, Kaspersky, North America (Cyber Security)

“I recently participated in a Professional Practice Group hosted by Ken, with a diverse group of Organization Development professionals, coaches, and therapists who wanted to develop their coaching skills using the Enneagram and its application. Ken’s outstanding leadership in facilitating the group, and his profound knowledge of coaching and the Enneagram clearly demonstrated that we were in great hands! Every session ensured inclusion, learning, and interactivity. Ken made complex ideas intuitive and practical, and helped us see how we could immediately apply this into our own work. He included inspirational guest speakers who were able to speak to the power of their own development, and how it had made them more effective and satisfied with their work and in their lives. He also generously shared his original materials which we could put to immediate use, increasing our effectiveness with clients. Ken has a unique gift of bringing people together and helping them feel comfortable with being vulnerable in service to their growth. His steady leadership, deep sense of curiosity and inquiry, deftly employed expertise and creation of a consistently safe space made for a transformative experience.”
Ryan Jones, LCSW, CCTP 



“Ken, thank you so much for the best training class our company has ever had. Since we offer summer programs abroad for high school students, we rely heavily on sales and superior customer service to deliver life-changing programs for our students. The training program you provided far exceeded our expectations to genuinely target how we can achieve it with our customers and operate as a team that will accelerate our success.

I initially attended one of your half-day programs for professional development to raise my own self-awareness and lead my organization more effectively. It had such a profound impact on me that I decided to have everyone in my company take the full-day course – not only for their own development and to work better with others, but also to help them influence and sell more effectively to those outside the organization. We now see ourselves and each other in a completely different light. We are using the tools that you taught us daily, both in and out of the office.

You also demonstrated a unique difference from other instructors. You helped us ensure that we could apply and sustain what was learned so it continues to live in the organization long after the class. That is a huge difference for us and reinforced the value of our investment.

I’d definitely recommend every leader of a team and organization to invest in a program with you. The results are a strategic imperative. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with you in an ongoing basis, particularly in various challenges we have in organizational development and performance management.”
– Mike Shangkuan, Managing Director, Global Leadership Adventures (GLA), Discover Corps

“I learned the most from your training than from many others I have taken part. (I) Appreciate the work you do.”
– John Hogan, Director, Home Products Technical Support, North America, Kaspersky Lab

“Ken has exceptional training and course development skills. He designed a leadership program and train-the-trainer for the US Navy MSC that was so well received, the entire program was expanded from a pilot to accommodate the entire workforce. I enjoyed working with Ken on a complex and difficult project. He remained flexible as the project tasks changed and still delivered a quality product on time.
Carla BryantProject Manager, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPC. President, Paradigm Shift at Work, LLC

“Over the course of my career, my role expanded to coordinating with different business units. As my role became more demanding, I recognized a communication breakdown at times with certain people. I figured that I was approaching these conversations wrong, so I picked up several books to learn more effective ways to communicate. Unfortunately, the tips I learned didn’t work and I knew that I needed more than words on a page to gain the skill I was seeking. I came across one of Ken’s courses on style and influence, which caught my attention because it was a workshop. I attended his program and in one day I learned more about my personality and how I could tailor my interactions with others than all the self-help reading I had previously done. This was the Aha! moment I was looking for. Following his class, I was able to achieve deeper interactions by asking questions and paying attention to personality clues. This enabled me to present information in more meaningful ways. Ken has forever changed the way I listen and speak to people.”
William Coles


Consulting & Organization Development

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Ken for almost a decade. He is an ideal thought partner and collaborator with extensive business acumen, practical insight into how things actually work, excellent intuition, and exemplary foresight and strategic planning skills. He is a thoughtful and thought-provoking business coach, Organization Development Specialist and superb facilitator. Ken also possesses the rare ability to balance being strategic and tactical. I highly recommend him and look forward to any opportunity to collaborate with him!”
R. Karl Hebenstreit, PhD Organizational Psychology, Principal, Perform & Function

“Dear Ken, I would like to extend to you my sincerest thanks for your outstanding contributions these past five years on behalf of Caskey Consulting and its leadership role in successfully migrating more than 250,000 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) civilian employees to the National Security Personnel Systems (NSPS), a contemporary personnel management system legislated by Congress in 2003 and founded on current pay-banding and pay-for-performance principles.

The extraordinary role you played in positively impacting this extensive effort cannot be overstated. The challenge of understanding the system and working with leaders at various levels was tremendous and required an in-depth knowledge of leadership and management principles, goal-setting and performance management, position management and compensation, and more. You displayed with each assignment a level of skill and ability that were nothing short of impressive and universally recognized by your clients and peers alike. You became a valued member of the Caskey Consulting team and one of only three senior consultants qualified to work at the highest levels of leadership within DoD worldwide. Your passion, commitment, and flexibility were unwavering.

It is with confidence and without reservation that I will continue working with you and highly recommend you to other.”
David Caskey, President, Caskey Consulting (Project Manager for US DOD NSPS and STRL training)

“Ken’s program and efforts saved our business and the team struggling to connect crucial dots. His approach to identify, then direct the inherent strengths at the core of each team member is brilliant! Excited to continue this journey with him and see our team’s vision into a success with his system and continued guidance.”
David Bryson Hatfield, Live Life Series

“Ken is a fantastic inspirational speaker and backs his ideas with a solid understanding of principles in organizational development! He offers valuable insight not only on business strategy and operations, but also a deep understanding of building performance of the individual scale. As a coach or organization consultant, Ken can connect with individuals at any level and deliver significant, measurable results. In the two years that I have worked with Ken’s advice, with varying levels of my own personal commitment, I have found that the closer that I followed his advice, the more rapidly I attained my personal and professional goals. In fact, when I fully committed myself to the principle he established from the very beginning, I witnessed a transformation in which my income, health, and business improved at a pace I did not think possible, all the while finding increased time to do the things I wanted. The initial sacrifices were difficult, but the benefits of a new found, effective mode of living my life and leading my business was liberating. I would recommend Ken for anyone serious about growing personally or organizationally. He has the passion of a committed teacher/trainer and is an absolute pleasure to work with.”
– Antonio J. Romero, Market Manager, Business Development Specialist, and Freelance Photographer

“The tremendous positive impact that your business coaching and organization development (“OD”) process had on accelerating my business growth, stability, and employee performance is genuinely beyond anything I could have imagined. Within the first couple months I added several employees, changed a few key strategies, and experienced profitability that had never been previously achieved. You took me beyond survival into guaranteed success. That was a particular surprise because I believed at the core, my business was ok.

There is was a clear difference in having the right plan and working it, along with the tools to move forward. Previously I pushed and drove hard to make the business successful. Now I discovered through OD that road blocks are easy and I’m experiencing how my employees can be my best allies with empowerment that goes beyond my expectations. My employees are the happiest that they’ve been in years, and I’m not struggling or working as hard. It’s the very thing I worked hard for several years to try and achieve, which you accomplished within a couple months.

Your ability to engage the employees, particularly with the international and cultural differences, and ensure that your program and processes worked outside of the US was also acknowledged and commended by the employees and customers. My competition has also noticed and has stepped up its game, which has been a rewarding challenge versus a threat, and ignited the fire within me, particularly since I now have a clear and stable plan. I truly love the results!!!

Yours is a gift that keeps giving and the investment has been returned three-fold! If I knew back then what I know today, I would have started sooner, and committed more fully much earlier. I can’t imagine any business leader, owner, and executive not engaging in doing this same thing. OD is Feng shui for business.

So I will recommend to any business owner and leader who wants to survive in any market to do it. This is business adaptation and success by design. It’s a level of security, planning and execution like having a safety net or a huge bank account you can count on. My advice is that you are going to sweat it, you will want to quit and keep the status quo, but when you start experiencing the results, you will be fit to have your organization running for the purpose it was conceived. I get it now. Success is not a mistake and the status quo was actually harder. It takes a smart and systemic plan, along with the orchestration and execution of the parts. I had it backwards and can now think through decisions before setting up tactics that are less effective than the plan. To every business leader, you will genuinely achieve your greatest success and effectiveness if you stay engaged and committed.

Thank you much my friend!
Gustavo Parades, CEO

“Ken provided superior consulting, training, and facilitation to a mid-sized federal agency in 2014 – 2016 where his efforts helped to institutionalize the workforce planning process and improve their ability to develop strategies and address recruitment and retention challenges. He also provided one-on-one coaching which helped to develop leadership skills and team performance, and was a significant asset to the team.”
Carla Bryant, Project Manager, AE Strategies, LLC, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPC

“On behalf of Troy Systems Inc., I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts in making the Census project a success. Your outstanding performance contributed to the overall team effort in delivering a quality product for our client.

For the Census Bureau it was the first time a governmental agency trained so many individuals in peacetime, and utilized technology in order to capture data throughout the country. For Troy it was a first in supporting a contract of this magnitude that virtually impacts all residents of the United States. You are among a select few to have participated in a program of this magnitude. 

On behalf of TROY, we wish you great success in your future endeavors.”
K. David Boyer, Chairman of the Board, Troy Systems

“With the Finance Professional Development Program (PDP) solidly underway, I want to thank you for your significant efforts in turning Finance PDP into reality. As you know, the cornerstones of our GENESIS vision are people, process and technology. The professional development of our people is absolutely essential to our ongoing success.  Thank you.
Ted R. French, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Case Corporation