Know Yourself & How to Manage the Blind Spots Impacting Your Potential (1-day Training)


Product Details:

Discover your emotional drivers & develop a sustainable plan how to successfully self-manage the blind spots that impact your potential

  • LEADERS: Improve your leadership style to be on top of today’s changing workforce. Create more productive healthy teams resulting in retention of top talent and a better bottom line.
  • INDIVIDUALS: Achieve your greatest potential with less stress and easier adaptability for successful life-long self management.
  • Learn your core personality driver, and how it influences your actions and decisions
  • Specific tools and practices to effectively leverage strengths and self-manage blind spots to achieve your maximum potential
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) as a core competency, the greatest predictor of life-long success
  • Use the Enneagram as a tool for ongoing self-management
  • Fundamentals to recognize other types; a critical skill of effective communication and influence 
  • Application of powerful techniques including “Mind the Gap” that puts practices into action
  • A customized development plan for sustainable success
  • Activities include individual assessments, demonstrations, exercises, and group discussions. You will develop skills that are long-term and self-sustaining. You will enhance self-awareness, social competence, emotional management, and improve performance in ways that maximizes professional and personal potential.
  • This program is the most essential core development of every person for effective self-management and leadership. This program is appropriate for individuals, professionals, managers, leaders, and executives who desire a unique, targeted, competitive edge to be on top of today’s changing workforce. It’s the key to elevate leadership competence; deal with conflict; or discover how to bring out the best in yourself and others. It is also appropriate for organizations who want to:
    • a) Create a common language for employee performance conversations,
    • b) Build a successful foundation for ongoing employee development.
  • This full-day program is offered onsite.
  • Public classes are available when a date appears here –> 


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